5 Best Microgreens Growing Kits for Beginners

Microgreens growing kits make it easy for anyone – not just beginners – to grow their microgreens indoors without getting their hands dirty.

These growing kits save you the hassles of growing microgreens from scratch and also let you kickstart your growing journey in minutes!

Most growing kits for microgreens mainly consist of seed packages (or seed quilts), growing trays, soil/coco coir, and some easy-to-follow instructions. You just have to set it up as per the instructions and start growing.

If you’re looking to grow microgreens on a budget, I will share the 5 best indoor microgreens growing kits for you. These kits are affordable, easy to set up, and start growing microgreens instantly.

I will also share some tips on how to get the best results out of the growing kits.  

So, let’s jump into the article. 

Purchase Links for Top 3 Microgreens Growing Kits

True Leaf
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microgreens growing kits hamama microgreens grow kit
Micro Pros
microgreens growing kits microgreens pros growing kit

Essential Components of a Microgreens Growing Kit

Before we jump into the 5 best microgreens growing kits, let me tell you what to expect when you purchase one.

A standard microgreens growing kit will consist of these things:


The most important element of the starter kit. Most sellers allow you to choose which seeds you want when buying a growing kit.

You can start with some easy-growing microgreens like radishes or sunflowers. Some of the growing kits we will discuss have seed quilts, meaning the seeds are already placed in the growing medium. 


Just add water to the tray and place the seed quilt over it. No soil and no dirt.

Growing Medium

You can grow microgreens in organic soil, coco coir, coco peat, or a mixture of these mediums. With your growing kit, you’ll most probably get a few pucks of coco coir.


Add water to these pucks, and they will break down into a plantable coco coir mix. Some sellers might even give you a bag of soil that you have to spread out in the tray and plant seeds in it. 


Different microgreens growing kits have different containers. Some sellers give you a plastic tray or shallow pots, others give you hydroponic mats.


The container you get will depend upon the growing kit you purchase.


If you’re looking for microgreens growing kits with light, then you probably don’t have many options. Most sellers do not have a light in their growing kits because it would make the kit more expensive. So, you need to have your own grow lights.

LED light image – already uploaded in WP

However, there’s no need to worry. You can grow your microgreens under natural sunlight as well. Just keep the tray near your window.

If you choose to buy an LED light, then in my opinion, Barrina’s T5 LED grow lights are the best option to go with. They offer a full-spectrum 6500K color temperature and consume low electricity as well. 

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Instructions and Resources

Almost all the indoor microgreens growing kits have instructional pamphlets in them. Just follow the instructions, and you can start growing your microgreens in minutes.

hamama microgreens growing instructions

This is the instruction template that you get with the Hamama microgreens growing kit. You can even head to the seller’s website and access their knowledge base to learn more about your growing kit.

5 Best Microgreens Growing Kits

Now that we have seen what components you can expect in growing kits let me share the 5 best and most affordable kits I have gathered together for you.

Hamama Microgreens Grow Kit

Hamama is one of the well-known brands when it comes to microgreens. They sell starter kits, gift items, growing accessories, and super drinks. However, their most popular product is their patented seed quilts.

microgreens growing kits hamama microgreens grow kit 1

Hamama Microgreens Grow Kit

✅ Unique patented seed quilts

✅ Reservoir watering system (water only once)

✅ Reusable tray and affordable seed refills

The Hamama microgreens grow kit comes with everything you need to grow microgreens. Just add water, dip the seed quilt, and let it grow in the natural sunlight near your window. The seeds even grow well in low light.

All the seeds from Hamama are non-GMO and Certified Organic. The growing trays come in two different versions – standard black and a ceramic tray.

If you’re a budget gardener, go with the standard microgreens growing kit. However, if you want some aesthetics around your growing tray (and have a little more budget to spend), you can choose the ceramic tray version.

Furthermore, you can even buy a bamboo frame. Both ceramic and standard grow trays fit inside this frame. It gives your microgreens a raised look and also adds a touch of style to your indoor gardening.


To grow your microgreens with this growing kit, you just have to add water up to the fill line once, and it will create a reservoir that will keep supplying water to the microgreens throughout the growing process.


The patented seed quilts are designed in such a way that your microgreens get optimum air circulation and space to breathe. Thus, enabling a healthy batch of microgreens.


One seed quilt can produce 150gms to 200gms of microgreens. After harvesting, you can reuse the tray to grow more, but you have to buy new seed quilts each time.

Seed quilt refills will cost you $5 to $6 each. You can buy any variety you want in the batch of 3 or 10 quilts.

True Leaf Market Deluxe Microgreens Starter Kit

True Leaf Market is one of the best suppliers when it comes to microgreens. They also sell seeds, soils, hydroponic mats, and microgreens growing kits. Their kits come in different varieties, such as hydroponics, soil-based, self-watering, deluxe, sectional, and even mini-growing kits.

True Leaf

True Leaf Market Deluxe Microgreens Starter Kit

✅ Wide assortment of microgreen seeds

✅ Hydroponic and soil-based growing kits

✅ 10 10″X20″ growing trays

Here, I am talking about True Leaf Market’s Deluxe Microgreens Starter Kit. This kit has a larger selection of seeds and supplies to grow microgreens hydroponically and in the soil as well.


Each Deluxe microgreens starter kit comes with 10 10″X20″ growing trays (5 with holes and 5 without), 10 10″X20″ hydroponic grow pads, 2 bags of minute soil, a pH testing kit, and a spray bottle.

You also get a wide assortment of microgreen seeds for hydroponic and soil-based growing. For hydroponic growing, you get 4-oz bags of basic salad mix, spicy sprouting mix, purple radish, red acre cabbage, arugula, and mustard.

If you want to grow in soil, you get sunflower, buckwheat, dun pea, cilantro, Detroit red beet, and a surprise seasonal microgreens seeds pack – a surprise seed pack (for soil) based on season, often basil, carrot, or an exotic variety.

However, I understand if this deluxe microgreens starter kit is a bit too much for you. True Leaf Market also provides a sectional microgreens starter kit and mini microgreens growing kit.

The sectional microgreens starter kit allows you to grow smaller quantities of microgreens simultaneously. You can divide the 10″x20″ tray into eight small sections and grow microgreens hydroponically. It’s the perfect kit for those looking for smaller quantities and a wider variety.


If you are looking for an even cheaper alternative, then choose a mini microgreen growing kit. It comes with a circular growing container (4.5″ diameter, 1.5 inches deep), a humidity lid, one soil puck, a mist sprayer, and a packet of organic seeds.


You can choose any seeds from arugula, mustard, pea shoots, radish, sunflower, salad mix, or a variety 6 pack. 

Back to the Roots Organic Microgreens Kit

Back to the Roots provides organic microgreens growing kits in multiple varieties – 3-pack, 6-pack, and even a terrarium kit for kids. Their grow kit for microgreens is 100% organic and non-GMO, which makes it compostable and recyclable.

Back to the roots
Back to the Roots Organic Microgreens Kit

Back to the Roots Organic Microgreens Kit

✅ Affordable 3-pack and 6-pack varieties

✅ 100% organic, non-GMO, & zero-waste

✅ Green Thumb text support

The seller’s 3-pack variety is the most popular one among indoor gardeners who grow microgreens for salads, smoothies, and toppings. 

The pack includes 3 varieties of microgreens: Rainbow Mix (Sango Radish, Purple Kohlrabi, Red Cabbage), Mighty Mix (Broccoli, Kale, Purple Kohlrabi, Red Cabbage), and Broccoli.

The package comes with seed packets, compostable grow trays, expanding soil discs, and tray covers. You get two of each of these items inside the 3-pack variety – so, in total, you can have six grows.

If, along with microgreens, you want house plants, you can get a 6-pack plant collection. You can choose your own plants; they have Fittonia, Pothos, Dieffenbachia, Aralia, and other green plants as well.

If you want to add some aesthetics to your microgreens space, then buy their ceramic edition, but with it, you’ll only get one seed pack. So, if you want to try different varieties, go with the Back to the Roots 3-pack variety.


Or, if you want maximum savings, you can choose their bulk saver 6-pack variety. All the Back to the Roots grow kits come with a 100% guaranteed to grow promise.

Microgreens Pros Organic Microgreens Growing Kit

Microgreens Pros have one of the most beautiful microgreens grow trays at an affordable rate. The wooden grow tray looks so beautiful as a countertop that you will surely be impressed.

microgreens pros

Microgreens Pros Organic Microgreens Kit

✅ Beautiful wooden planter with concealed liner

✅ 100% guaranteed to grow

✅ Plant label

This microgreens growing kit has everything you need to start growing your microgreens in minutes. The kit contains a beautiful wooden planter with a waterproof concealed liner, 2 soil discs, 2 organic seed packets, water spray, a plant label, and easy-to-follow instructions.       

The wooden planter is reusable, and you can purchase easy refill kits – soil and seeds – that fit the wooden tray exactly right. You have multiple options for seeds – wheatgrass, sunflower, pea, radish, and salad mix.

This starter kit is suitable for beginners who want to grow just one variety or someone who wants to eat microgreens daily in their meals. 

I’d suggest you go with sunflower microgreens as they are easy to grow and one of the tastiest microgreens to eat. However, if you want multiple harvests from the same batch of microgreens, then grow wheatgrass as they are a popular re-grower.

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Urban Leaf – Microgreens Growing Kit

If you are looking for a mini microgreens starter kit, then ain’t nothing better than Urban Leaf’s microgreens growing kit. It comes with 3 4″X4″ grow trays made from bamboo fiber biodegradable PLA.

Urban Leaf
Urban Leaf Microgreens Growing Kit

Urban Leaf Microgreens Growing Kit

✅ Biodegradable bamboo planters

✅ 6 packets of 100% organic, & non-GMO seeds

✅ 156-page eBook download (free)

The planters, when aligned in a line, form a 4″X12″ growing space. You get 6 packets of seeds, including radish, kale, rainbow mix, mustard, spicy mix, and Broccoli. The seeds are 100% organic and non-GMO.

You also get 6 grow mats, 3 germination lids, and 1 guidebook for growing your greens. One of the things I love the most about this growing kit is its small and stylish ceramic-style planters – many sellers charge for these “premium” trays.

The trays are self-watering, just like the Hamama microgreens kit we discussed above. You just have to add water once and then let the microgreens grow. You can keep these trays anywhere you like; they surely up the ambiance of the place.


Urban Leaf takes pride in being the first carbon-negative gardening company in the world and thus is committed to a happier and more sustainable planet. They are passionate about teaching others how to grow food at home with zero waste.

Bonus: ZestiGreens’ Self-Watering Microgreens Growing Kit

There are various reasons why I wanted to include ZestiGreens’ microgreens growing kit in this list. Some reasons are – the self-watering growing system, the no-mess hemp mat, and the 12″X6″ stylish wooden planter. 

Most sellers charge a premium price for a wooden planter; ZestiGreens doesn’t!

ZestiGreens’ Self-Watering Microgreens Growing Kit

ZestiGreens’ Self-Watering Microgreens Growing Kit

✅ Self-watering system

✅ Includes 12″X6″ wooden planter

✅ Grow on hemp mats – no coco coir, no soil, no mess!

This growing kit for microgreens includes a top-quality microgreens tray, a sleek wooden planter, a unique hydroponic insert for self-watering, 2 hemp mats, a blackout lid, and 2 packets of organic USDA seeds. 

You also get a 16-page instructions booklet to help you grow your microgreens easily. It has pictures to help you understand the growing process, microgreens info, and some delicious microgreens recipes.


Some microgreens grow easily in a hydroponic system. However, some hard seeds, like Swiss chards, beet, pea, sunflower, etc., grow best in a soil medium. This growing system can be used both ways.

Just remove the hydroponic insert, add your favorite soil mix to the tray, and grow microgreens easily.

ZestiGreens’ seeds come with guaranteed to grow and an excellent germination rate. They have a US-based team that is available to help you if needed. They also offer a full refund if you’re unsatisfied with their growing kit.

Why Choose a Microgreens Growing Kit?

Now that we have discussed the best microgreen growing kits let’s see some of the advantages of why you should choose a growing kit instead of a full-grown garden.

Saves Time and Money

Most growing kits come with the necessary equipment to start growing your greens. Just set up the equipment, add water and seeds, and start growing.

Growers can save time with a growing kit instead of looking for all the necessary equipment individually. Most seeds with these kits come with a guarantee to grow, so you don’t have to worry if you bought the right quality of seeds or not.

Thus, a microgreens growing kit can allow you to speed up your growing process, compared to starting from scratch.

Most indoor microgreens growing kits come at a low price. All you need to repurchase is the soil/coco coir/hemp mats and the seeds. The rest is reusable. You can use the same tray and the same light again.


Microgreens growing kits come with simple step-by-step growing instructions, and most growing kits are so easy to set up that you don’t even need to read the instructions twice.

Some kits are even self-watering, which means water them once and then forget them. The microgreens will keep growing. This allows you to be more flexible and not worry about whether you have watered your microgreens or not.

Also, the soil/coco coir pucks make it a hassle-less and dirt-less process. If your growing kit has a hemp mat, it’s even less of a hassle. All of these things make microgreens growing kits a friendly tool for novice indoor gardeners.

Allows Beta-Testing

If you want to grow microgreens for self-consumption or want to test which microgreens taste good, a microgreens growing kit is a super-helpful tool.

It allows you to grow microgreens in a small space. You can grow different varieties simultaneously or try different varieties in batches; the choice is yours.

Also, if you want to start a microgreens business, then a growing kit can let you grow your plants on a smaller scale. You can test which varieties grow well in your growing conditions or which ones your local customers like.

Once you know which varieties are working well with your customers, you can venture into more profitable microgreens.


Any microgreens growing kit will cost you between $30 to $50. Additionally, if you want some premium features such as wooden planters, more varieties of seeds, or an additional soil puck, then you will have to pay more.

Keep in mind the essentials you need in a growing kit – seeds, soil, growing trays, and step-by-step instructions. All the microgreens growing kits that I suggested above contain all these necessary equipment. 

I recommend you check all of them out and choose the one that suits your budget and requirements.