Organealthy is a one-stop place for all healthy living enthusiasts and people who want to incorporate healthy organic food into their daily meals.

The main purpose of this website is to spread the word about how beneficial microgreens are and one can benefit from their daily consumption. In case, you are looking to open your own small business, then selling microgreens can be a great option, and on this website, you will find all the information and resources that will make your microgreens business a profitable one!


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If you want to feel better, eat better!


To keep your health on track, fruits and veggies you shouldn’t lack.

Rohit About us


I am Rohit Mane, the founder of Organealthy.

I discovered the benefits of microgreens back in 2019. I saw a few videos of what are microgreens and how they can help you lead a healthy life. I started consuming microgreens – especially broccoli and amaranth microgreens – daily as a topping on my food, or as a salad in the evening, and within a few weeks, I started seeing its health benefits.

I researched even more about this fantastic superfood and gathered as much knowledge as I can. and this blog is my way of sharing that valuable information to all those who want to get into healthy eating habits, and most importantly want to incorporate organic food in their daily eating habits.

Through this website, I will share complete guides about how to grow microgreens, how to buy them and how tho sell them if you are growing them in your backyard!